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Hair Services

Women's Cut = $23+

Men's Cut = $17+

Kid's Cut  = $12+

Bang Trim = $10+

Blow-Dry / Style = $20+

Formal Style / Up Do = $65+

Single Process Color = $40+

Root Retouch = $40+

Partial Highlights = $45+

Full Highlights = $65+

Perm = $55+

Deep Conditioning Treatment = $10

pH-Bonding Treatment = $25

pH-Bonder protects bonds, balances pH, and preserves fiber integrity.


Waxing Services


Eyebrow, Lip, Nasal or Chin = $12

 Underarm  = $20

 Back, Butt or Bikini = $25+

 Chest or Abdomen = $35+

 Legs = $45

Brazilian = $75


Specialty Services

Teeth Whitening = $49 

Beaming White is the company we use. Our Pre-Loaded Tray Kit is a professional teeth whitening kit. With our Pre-loaded Tray Kit, you will  simply place the tray in your mouth, sit back and let the light work for about 15 minutes. Contains 16% hydrogen peroxide and 44% carbamide peroxide gel or low-concentration hydrogen peroxide gel.


Airbrush Body Bronzing = $29

Prior to your Airbrush treatment

Shower and exfoliate your body. Pay special attention to your elbows, knees, ankles, hands, and anywhere else that tend to be drier. It is also best to shave 24 hours before your Airbrush treatment. Remove deodorant and all make up. Be sure to wear loose clothing the day of your treatment.

During your treatment

Undress to the level of your personal comfort. You may wear your own undergarments, but know they will be discolored during your treatment but WILL WASH OUT when laundered. You may also choose to wear disposable undergarments provided complimentary to you, or chose to not wear any clothing to avoid tan lines. Relax while your technician guides you through your treatment. You will be given instructions on when to turn, and other standing positions during your treatment.

What to expect

Your whole treatment time is approximately 30 minutes. 15 minutes to apply and 15 minutes drying time. The initial color you see is actually the tinted cosmetic color guide for your technician to see where they are applying. Your airbrush tan WILL NOT be quite as dark as it appears when it is fully processed. Allow 6-8 hours (or overnight) before showering after your treatment. Over the course of the 6-8 hours, your tan will get darker. This is your tan developing under the tinted cosmetic color guide, not the actual color your skin will be after you have showered (I always warn individuals of this because your skin will get REALLY tan during the 6-8 hour processing time, but never fear…it’s only temporary until you shower). Once you shower you will have your perfect natural bronzed glow. When toweling off after a shower, be sure to blot rather than rub your skin.

Your new Airbrush Tan can last from 7-10 days with proper maintenance. Be sure to MOISTURIZE with lotion after every shower to extend the life of your Airbrush Tan.



The above prices and services only pertain to certain providers. Please call for specific details. 



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